stain «stayn», verb, noun.
1. to discolor (something); spot; soil: »

The tablecloth is stained where food has been spilled. Let not women's weapons, waterdrops, Stain my man's cheeks (Shakespeare).

2. Figurative. a) o spot by wrongdoing or disgrace (a person's reputation or honor); blemish; dishonor: »

His crimes stained the family honor. But thoughtless follies laid him low, And stain'd his name (Robert Burns).

b) to corrupt morally; taint with guilt or vice; defile.
3. to color or dye: »

She stained the chair green.

4. to color (a microscopic specimen).
1. to cause a stain or discoloration.
2. to take a stain; admit of staining.
1. a discoloration; soil; spot: »

He has ink stains on his shirt.

2. a natural spot or patch of color different from the background.
3. Figurative. a mark of disgrace; dishonor; stigma: »

His character is without stain. When you know the dream is true And lovely with no flaw nor stain (Robert Graves).

4. a liquid preparation of coloring or dye used especially to color woods and fabrics, by penetrating the pores: »

Paint the table with a brown stain.

5. a dye or pigment used to make visible transparent or very small structures, or to differentiate tissue elements by coloring, for microscopic study: »

... many of the various stains used in microscopic work have a selective effect on bacteria, coloring some species and leaving others more or less unaffected (Fred W. Emerson).

[probably fusion of short form of Middle English distainen (< Old French desteign-, stem of desteindre take out the color, ultimately < Latin dis- off + tingere to dye), and a Scandinavian borrowing (compare Old Icelandic steina to paint)]
stain´a|ble, adjective.
stain´er, noun.
stain´like´, adjective.

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